How to Use Arcade Machine Custom Design to Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

Learn how custom-designed arcade machines can boost your marketing efforts and promote brand awareness. Explore innovative ways to incorporate unique designs to attract and engage your target audience.
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1. Introduction to Arcade Machine Custom Design

Sub1. Understanding the Power of Customization

In today's competitive market, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to stand out and capture the attention of their target audience. Custom-designed arcade machines offer a unique and engaging marketing tool that can elevate brand presence and leave a lasting impression on customers.

Sub2. The Impact of Custom Arcade Machines on Branding

Custom-designed arcade machines provide a powerful platform for businesses to showcase their brand identity and create a memorable experience for customers. By integrating unique designs and logos, companies can reinforce their brand image and foster a strong connection with their audience.

Sub3. PALM FUN - A Leader in Custom Redemption Machines

Guangzhou PALM FUN Electronics Co., Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality mechanical redemption machines, specializing in custom design solutions. With a focus on research, development, and production, PALM FUN has established itself as a leader in the industry, offering innovative and customizable arcade machines to businesses worldwide.

2. Benefits of Custom Arcade Machines for Marketing

Sub1. Enhanced Customer Engagement

Custom-designed arcade machines create an interactive and memorable experience for customers, allowing them to engage with the brand in a fun and entertaining way. By incorporating unique game features and customized graphics, businesses can captivate their audience and increase brand recall.

Sub2. Increased Brand Visibility

Custom arcade machines serve as a unique marketing tool that attracts attention and drives traffic to businesses. Whether placed in retail stores, trade shows, or corporate events, these eye-catching machines help increase brand visibility and draw in potential customers.

Sub3. Stronger Brand Identity

Custom arcade machines provide a platform for businesses to showcase their brand identity and personality. By aligning the design of the machines with the company's image, businesses can strengthen their brand identity and create a cohesive marketing strategy.

3. Implementing Custom Arcade Machines in Your Marketing Strategy

Sub1. Choosing the Right Design Elements

When incorporating custom arcade machines into your marketing strategy, it's essential to carefully select design elements that resonate with your target audience. Consider colors, themes, and interactive features that align with PALM FUN message and value proposition.

Sub2. Leveraging Interactive Gaming Experiences

Custom arcade machines offer an opportunity to engage customers through interactive gaming experiences. By creating captivating gameplay and incorporating branded content, businesses can effectively communicate their marketing message while providing entertainment to their audience.

Sub3. Maximizing Exposure through Strategic Placement

To maximize the impact of custom arcade machines, businesses should strategically place them in high-traffic locations and events. Whether used in retail environments, tradeshows, or corporate activations, strategic placement can significantly increase exposure and drive customer engagement.

4. Elevating PALM FUN with PALM FUN's Custom Redemption Machines

Sub1. Tailored Solutions for PALM FUN

PALM FUN offers a wide range of customization options for arcade machines, allowing businesses to tailor the design to their specific brand needs. From custom graphics and cabinet finishes to branded game content, PALM FUN's solutions are designed to elevate brand presence and engagement.

Sub2. Unparalleled Quality and Innovation

With a strong focus on research and development, PALM FUN delivers high-quality and innovative redemption machines that are designed to captivate audiences and deliver exceptional gaming experiences. By partnering with PALM FUN, businesses can access cutting-edge solutions that set their brand apart.

Sub3. Seamless Integration into Marketing Campaigns

PALM FUN's custom redemption machines seamlessly integrate with various marketing campaigns, providing businesses with a versatile and engaging tool to promote their brand. Whether used for product launches, brand activations, or experiential marketing, these machines offer a unique way to connect with customers.


Custom-designed arcade machines offer a powerful and versatile tool for businesses to elevate their marketing strategy. By incorporating unique designs and interactive gameplay, companies can increase brand visibility, engage customers, and strengthen their brand identity. PALM FUN, a leader in the industry, provides tailored solutions that enable businesses to create compelling and memorable experiences for their target audience.


1. Can PALM FUN customize arcade machines to match our brand colors and logos?

Yes, PALM FUN offers extensive customization options, allowing businesses to integrate their brand colors, logos, and themes seamlessly into the design of the arcade machines.

2. How can custom arcade machines enhance our marketing efforts?

Custom arcade machines provide an engaging and interactive platform for businesses to showcase their brand identity, increase brand visibility, and foster customer engagement, leading to enhanced marketing success.

3. What types of events are suitable for incorporating custom arcade machines?

Custom arcade machines are versatile and can be used in various settings, such as retail stores, trade shows, corporate events, and brand activations, to drive customer engagement and increase brand exposure.

4. Are PALM FUN's custom redemption machines durable and reliable?

Yes, PALM FUN's custom redemption machines are constructed with high-quality materials and innovative technology, ensuring durability, reliability, and exceptional gaming experiences for customers.

5. How can we leverage custom arcade machines to create a memorable brand experience?

Custom arcade machines offer businesses an opportunity to create a memorable brand experience by integrating unique design elements, interaction gaming experiences, and strategic placement to capture the attention of their target audience and leave a lasting impression.

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custom built arcade machine
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Question you may concern
How to guides works?
Dedicated staff should be assigned to the redemption area to handle tasks such as changing ticket paper and addressing minor machine issues, ensuring that assistance is readily available when players need it. In the service provided in the redemption area, attention to detail and thoughtful service gestures can leave a lasting impression on players. Through these unspoken acts of consideration and attentiveness, players naturally develop a positive perception of the redemption machine atmosphere, which is a crucial way to cultivate returning customers.
For example:
1. Proactively inquire and add tickets when a customer's machine is running low on tickets.
2. Assist players in organizing tickets when they are dispensed unevenly.
3. Offer storage tools such as storage bags and rubber bands when customers are arranging their tickets.
4. Provide free USB interfaces for charging near popular machines and rest areas.
5. Implement warm and clear reminders, guidance on ticket redemption, and directional signage, all designed to be straightforward. The more of these you provide, the more players will appreciate your thoughtfulness, without finding it bothersome.
How to perform daily maintenance and servicing on redemption machines?
Some trivial and detailed issues with redemption machines need to be identified as early as possible, and matters on-site should be addressed on-site to the greatest extent, without waiting or observing. Therefore, in terms of equipment maintenance, it is important to pay attention to the following:
1. New machine entry performance, as it is relatively unstable in operation at this stage, requires dedicated supervision, timely follow-up, and improvements.
2. Redemption machines are relatively prone to collecting dust, which can lead to mechanical wear and corrosion. Dust can also cause issues with circuit boards, such as conductivity and optical sensor malfunctions. Thus, both internal and external cleanliness of redemption machines are equally important. Regular cleaning schedules for internal and daily cleaning for external components should be established.
3. Timely inspect the quality and durability of certain components. If issues are detected with imaging equipment, for example, replacements are necessary. A thorough understanding and mastery of the machine's performance can help extend its lifespan and ensure normal usage rates. Critical inspection areas include vulnerable parts such as motors, drive belts, gears of ticket dispensers, and sensors.
4. Frequent changes in prize point settings and payout rates are discouraged. Improvements in winning odds should be pursued through other methods and approaches.
5. All machines should have procedures for ticket removal and shredding to protect the ticket dispensers from damage.
6. Monitor changes in payout rates closely, as it directly impacts the cost control of the entire redemption machine system.
7. When employees add tickets, they should verify if the ticket sensors are unobstructed (blocked sensors can prevent ticket dispensing).
8. Have the protective paper on redemption machine's adhesive tape been removed? (Leaving it on can obstruct the ticket slot and ticket dispenser).
9. Responsible personnel should periodically and discreetly check the addition of tickets inside the redemption machines, ensuring that the added tickets match the registered ones.
How to guide the players to recognize tickets at the beginning setup of the redemption machines?
Dedicated players need to be nurtured over a long period to develop a consumer habit of 'playing games - saving lottery tickets(reward points) - redeeming prizes.' However, in reality, many players are completely unaware of the purpose of lottery tickets(reward points). It is common to see lottery tickets hanging outside the machines, untouched, which proves that the venue has not put in the effort to cultivate a strong awareness of lottery ticket(reward points) consumption.
Never assume that your players already understand the purpose of lottery tickets(reward points). Even in venues that have been in operation for many years, it is still discovered during on-site interviews with players that many of them are not aware. Don't believe it? Just ask consumers at the venue. The machines, redemption counters, materials hung above the venue, and announcements by staff, among others, can all be channels for informing players about the purpose of lottery tickets(reward points). It is essential to do more promotion, create large displays and large cards, and clearly communicate the purpose of lottery tickets(reward points) to the players.
The revenue proportion of redemption machines
No matter the arcade halls or children’s playgrounds, the revenue from redemption machines accounts around 40% of the total revenue of the premises, supporting most part of the profit margins. In certain establishments, the revenue share from redemption machines exceeds 50%, which significantly benefits profit margins and enhances competitiveness. It can be said that, the absence of redemption machines would cause generally weaken the revenues, competition and sustainable operation of your game halls. The lack of emphasis of redemption machines is the most important factor to cause some game halls shut down.
What details should be paid attention to in the operation of redemption machines?
1.Factors for ensuring the normal operation and profitability of redemption machines:
① Machine parameter adjustments.
② Equipment performance and gameplay.
③ Decoration and promotion of the area and equipment.
④ Machine placement locations.
⑤ Selection of prizes.
2. The primary operational techniques for redemption machines are in the attractiveness of the gameplay, maintaining a reasonable payout rate, and creating an engaging atmosphere. Depending on the season and market changes, promotional activities should be carried out with a balance, analysis, and follow-up. Therefore, you can consider the following operational methods:
① Collaborate with several venues or businesses to distribute promotional materials to enhance external visibility and interaction.
② Conduct targeted promotional activities to retain returning customers.
③ Organize regular member events to ensure member attraction and consistent customer base. For example, offering extra lottery rewards for a certain amount of tokens deposited or giving a certain number of lottery tickets(reward points) when a membership card is issued.
④ Strengthen interaction with neighboring businesses within the commercial district.
⑤ Organize selective activities for children and offer special deals for exchanging unique children-oriented prizes.
3. Setting parameters correctly:
4.New machine arrival -- Familiarizing with the game--Initial parameter control--Promotional --ctivities and advertising--Adjusting parameters based on the number of players--Multiple adjustments of parameters--Increased popularity--Profitability--Reinvestment.

Note: Data analysis should be conducted weekly to promptly understand the ticket payout probability for each redemption machine. In case of any abnormal situations, swift follow-up and troubleshooting are essential to identify the causes and rectify the issues.

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