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Guangzhou PALM FUN Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-quality mechanical redemption machine manufacturers, founded in 2013. It has been focusing on the research and development, design and production of redemption machine products, and has a leading position in the industry.


As an independent research and development and production of redemption machine enterprises. We know the purpose of the entertainment device industry: unimaginative creativity, unlimited fun, reliable quality and sincere service. Therefore, we have gained the praise of customers at home and abroad, which is also the power for us to keep moving forward, prompting us to create more interesting games and contribute to the majority of game lovers.

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Perfect Quality

We focus on this industry, try our best to deliver our machine to customers with zero-failure.

For Customers

We are a manufacturer,then have cost advantages to provide our customers with the most cost-effective high quality products.

Ubiquitous spirit of entertainment

We love games,so we full of entertaiment spirit to craft each unique game carefully.

Founding Vision

PALM FUN was founded to create the most engaging, innovative arcade game machines that would deliver unique and unforgettable entertainment experiences to players. Consequently, this team decided to transform their passion into reality by establishing PALM FUN company, committed to exploring the world of arcade game machine manufacturing with professionalism and innovation.

Our values


Innovation and Quality

PALM FUN considered innovation as the key to providing an excellent entertainment experience. They focused not only on designing captivating games but also on ensuring superior product quality to satisfy players.


Customer Satisfaction

Meeting customer needs and providing top-notch customer service were the top priorities for PALM FUN.We deeply understood that customer recognition is the foundation of brand success.


Fun of Games

PALM FUN strives to offer a variety of game types and styles. We deeply understand that having a sufficient diversity of games and fun is essential to cater to the interests and tastes of different players.


Triple Win Strategy

We believes that a successful business relationship should be a triple win situation. As a manufacturer, we strive to provide high quality products and services to meet market demands. Customers are our partners, through our high-quality products, enhance their market share. And players reap their own joy from our games.

Innovation and R&D

In the early days, the PALM FUN team dedicated substantial time and effort to research and design mechanical redemption machines. We were not content with the monotonous gameplay of traditional redemption game machines and aspired to infuse various fresh elements into the traditional format. Eventually, we crafted gaming machines that were diverse in gameplay, rich in rewards, and brimming with entertainment.


Having shattered the conventions of traditional redemption game machines, PALM FUN  continued to press forward, consistently breaking new ground and evolving. Our team strived for excellence in product hardware, software, and gameplay. This commitment enabled us to deliver an array of redemption game machines that are unparalleled in creativity and offer players unprecedented and enjoyable experiences.

brand palm fun redemption machine
brand-palm fun redemption games

Brand Promotion and Market Expansion

In order to make the product better displayed, PALM FUN team actively invested in marketing. We participated in various entertainment exhibitions and game shows such as GTI,IAAPA, etc., established cooperation with potential customers, and presented our products to the global game arcade market.


Over time, PALM FUN Electronics began attracting more partners and customers from both domestic and international markets. After several years of development, our gaming machines have become beloved products among our customers. Whether in China, Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia, and beyond, our gaming machines are frequently featured in various gaming arcades, serving as premium platforms for our customers to engage and captivate players.


To further expand our markets, we now extend a sincere invitation to distributors from around the world to engage in discussions with us, establish partnerships, and achieve success together.

Get in touch

We will track our sold machines.If you have any questions to our machines, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to solve.

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