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Our partners are those who have endless exploration and enthusiasm for games. We are committed to creating the most popular and creative games and providing players with the perfect lottery gaming machine!


At the heart of our mission lies a vibrant network of partners, unified by their ceaseless zeal for discovery and a profound ardor for the gaming universe.


Together, we stand at the vanguard of innovation, tirelessly crafting games that captivate the imagination and resonate with the enthusiasms of a diverse audience.


Our dedication is unwavering as we strive to forge the most sought-after and inventive gaming experiences in the industry.


It is with great pride that we offer players the quintessential lottery gaming machine—a paragon of entertainment and ingenuity.


Aiming for nothing short of excellence, we ensure that every interaction with our products is synonymous with enjoyment, engagement, and the thrill of gaming.

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American customers use PALM FUN products

Location: American
Product name: Burger Mania Coin Pusher Machine
Total: 20 PCS

The realm of amusement games and entertainment reached a vibrant milestone with the fortuitous meeting between an American customer and the trailblazers from PALM FUN during the GTI Comic Exhibition. Enthralled by the innovative designs and engaging user experience, the customer was swiftly captivated by PALM FUN's distinguished array of amusement offerings. This encounter led to a prosperous outcome: the placement of a significant order consisting of 20 high-quality coin pusher machines.

PALM FUN, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, has always taken pride in producing coin pusher machines that not only entertain but also create a memorable spectacle for players of all ages. It was the unique allure of these machines, their colorful, flashy presence, and their perfect blend of skill and chance that caught the eye of the discerning American buyer. This order signifies a potent endorsement for PALM FUN, as it reinforces the universal appeal of coin pusher machines in the realm of arcade entertainment.

Burger Mania arcade coin pusher machine
ball drop arcade game

German customer using PALM FUN products

Location: German
Product name: Treasures Mystery ball dropper arcade game
Total: 15 PCS

We are thrilled to announce a flourishing partnership following a successful visit by one of our esteemed German clients to the PALM FUN factory. This marked a pivotal moment where we had the opportunity to showcase the robustness and expertise of our production capabilities firsthand. Our comprehensive tour highlighted the meticulous processes and attention to detail that go into the manufacturing of our entertainment equipment, ultimately leaving a mark of excellence upon our visiting partners.

As testimony to the high level of trust and confidence gained during this insightful tour, our German friends endorsed our strengths by confirming a substantial order for 15 state-of-the-art lottery machines along with various amusement equipment. Among the top picks is our cutting-edge ball dropper arcade game, which is all set to elevate the gaming experience in amusement venues across Germany.

We are buoyed by this gesture of cooperation and look forward to delivering exceptional-quality products that blend seamlessly into the vibrant marketplace of gaming and entertainment.

UK customer using PALM FUN products

Location: UK
Product name: Parallel Universe ball drop arcade game
Total: 8 PCS

We are delighted to announce the commencement of a promising cooperation with a distinguished British client, who, after an extensive Google search, discovered our PALM FUN brand and was promptly impressed by our demonstrated production prowess. This digital encounter provided them with an in-depth understanding of our commitment to excellence in the creation of top-quality amusement and lottery machinery.

Impressed by what they witnessed online, our British client has confidently placed an order for eight superior lottery machines, alongside a selection of other amusement equipment designed to exhilarate and entertain. Among these, our popular ball drop arcade game stands out as a centerpiece attraction, poised to captivate and thrill gamers with its dynamic play and sleek design.

This international vote of confidence speaks volumes about our global reach and the impact of our online presence. We are immensely proud to forge this connection and eager to supply our British partners with equipment that promises to enhance the gaming experience for their clientele.

arcade pinball game machine

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