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Palm Fun is a specialized manufacturer of redemption arcade machines. Our arcade products are popular in China mainland and overseas countries.

In order to extend our markets, Palm Fun prefer to establish business with distributors. We believe that good cooperation and mutual trust will gain better results to both of us.

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We provide the more competitive prices for you.
Show us your ideas, we will make them come true based on our products, no matter about the appearance or the gameplay.
Provide technical solutions, including installation, revenue setting, maintainance and so on.
Control the number of distributors in an area to protect their benefits. Allow exclusive distributor in specific markets if the cooperation is going well enough.
Offer comprehensive pre-sales advisory service and after-sales technique support. Assist in solving problems during production and usage, enhancing your satisfaction.
Exclusive distributors will have priorities to try our new launched game and discuss distribution opportunities.


You can receive our distribution prices which are always the best prices in the market. allowing you to reach higher profits in local sales.

Customize your brand with our redemption game machines. You can extend your brand’s influence in local market, attracting more customers.

We will prepare ready-to-ship cargo for our exclusive distributor according to their annual schedule. This can shorten the delivery time from us to your hands.

Local distributors are close to the local market, providing us the first-hand information to quickly adjust our cooperation strategy.

Once distributors need our support, such as additional spare parts or repair service, we can provide our assistance immediately to reduce your waiting time.

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Our visions

In the process of finding our distributors, Palm Fun has always maintained a serious and earnest attitude. What we seek to establish is long-term mutually beneficial cooperation rather than short-term gains. 

Palm Fun provides the best products and services to ensure your smooth expansion in the market. Everything is aimed at offering the best arcade gaming experience to customers. Therefore, we expect our distributors to have a good reputation, hold a certain share in the local market, and good at communication.

Let’s work together and achieve success in the amusement game machine sector.

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Distributor Guild

Palm Fun keeps searching business partners for the markets around the world. If your company meets the following requirements,we warmly welcome you to discuss distributor matters with us.

01. Having good reputation in amusement equipment industry.
02. At least 5 years experience of dealer.
03. Having stable customers in your distribution region. 
04. Having extensive and well-established sales channels, preferably being one of the top five distributors in the industry within the region.
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Steps to join


Contact us and select out the products that you wish to distribute.


Present your distribution projects, including your success cases,the region,and the exhibition you plan to attend.


 Discuss about the customization if need.


Discuss the reasonable distribution quantities that need to be achieved within a specific time frame.


Furthermore,discuss the exclusive distribution requirements base on the standard distribution agreement.


Set the distribution prices and the determine the conditions for effectiveness.


After discussing the payment terms,we will sign the distribution agreement and begin our cooperation.

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Our most popular products

Bring enthusiasm and innovation for you.From game research and development to production completion.

An arcade ball game your’ve never played before
A brand new arcade ball game is an unprecedented game concept. Creative gameplay, sliding a big ball on a pair of parallel tracks. Let the ball drop into the hole, then get the rewards. This 100% rewards redemption game is suitable for all ages.
An arcade ball game your’ve never played before
A lively funny arcade game that collaborate with famous IP
AstroLoLogy collaborates with the famous same named animation IP copyright. It’s designed and developed by Palm Fun Electronics, an original product. AstroLOLogy has a small footprint (1750mm*1100mm*2650mm), but it can generate very high earnings and popularity.
A lively funny arcade game that collaborate with famous IP
Magic Train arcade ball redemption game
Magic Train – the ultimate Mega 6-Player Ball Redemption Ticket Machine! As the first of its kind, Magic Train is the reigning champion in playgrounds, game centers, and Family Entertainment Centers (FEC). Get ready for a revolutionary gaming experience that's set to redefine the fun and excitement in your entertainment space!
Magic Train arcade ball redemption game
Unlimited Firepower arcade shooter game
This game machine with a basketball shooting gameplay, where a unique approach replaces traditional basketballs with tokens to shoot at targets or score in the basketball hoop. A distinctive method of shooting, providing a different experience of the joy of basketball.
Unlimited Firepower arcade shooter game
Animal Mania coin operated arcade games
A delightful ball push game designed for parent-child bonding! Featuring an adorable cartoon animal theme, this two-player game promises laughter and exercise as you and your child push your way to victory. Engage in interactive play that not only entertains but also strengthens your child's arms, creating lasting memories of shared joy and physical activity.
Animal Mania coin operated arcade games
Pirate Strategy pirate arcade game
Embark on a swashbuckling adventure with our Pirate Strategy Ball Push Game for two players! Set against an enticing pirate theme, players navigate through treacherous traps and seek hidden prizes in a thrilling duel. With designated skill zones catering to all levels, this game promises excitement and fun for pirates of all ages and expertise.
Pirate Strategy pirate arcade game

Get in touch

We will track our sold machines.If you have any questions to our machines, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to solve.

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